Israelis Use Technology to Make the Desert Bloom

ARAVA DESERT – Farming in the desert is about battling the elements – a harsh climate, little water, and poor soil.

Entrepreneur Boaz Wachtel is co-CEO of Roots, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Ltd. They hope to improve plant growth by regulating root temperature.

“Each plant has an optimal temperature that it performs in that range,” Wachtel explained.

Water pipes run along the roots bringing cool water in summer and warmer water in winter, he explained.

“When you keep that root at that certain range and you prevent the fluctuations of day and night temperature and summer and winter, then the plant performs wonderfully and produce more yield and a better quality and the [growing] cycle is also shorter,” Wachtel said.

Wachtel said he’s seen great success.

Arava – israel’s agriculture in extreme environments

Mael Benoliel for i24News

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