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Irrigation by Condensation

Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) - a proprietary Roots technology
ROOTS Ltd.’s IBC is a standalone, closed-loop, solar-operated (or other energy source) system that irrigates crops by condensing air/soil humidity on the external surface of pipes. Water is cooled in an insulated water tank to below dew point temperatures. Then the chilled water is circulated through pipes in the field or greenhouse that are placed on the ground surface and/or in the soil at the plant's average root depth. The humidity that condenses on the pipes flows by gravity to the soil, irrigating and cooling the plants. In many cases, no additional irrigation is required to maintain plant survival and food production.
In many cases, no additional irrigation is required to maintain plant survival and food production.
The amount of water produced and the required energy inputs are related directly to the relative humidity, air temperatures, surface area of pipes laid in the field, and the temperature of the water circulating in the pipes.
Although IBC itself is not a new concept (IBC has been proved with the use of cold
sea water in pipes in Hawaii), Roots' closed cycle system is the only one that
can facilitate food production and positively impact the entire food chain, completely off water and electricity grids.
A second pilot experiment currently in progress demonstrates the ability to
sustain the growth of several crops (lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, spinach) using only condensed moisture from the air to irrigate the crop and chill its roots.

The Company is further investigating the technical, economic, and agronomical
feasibility of IBC. No technology barriers are anticipated and the Company has
developed extensive proprietary knowledge on how to integrate, operate and scale
up IBC systems. Commercialization is expected to begin within the next 12
Amount of moisture in air at different temperature and relative humidity of 25, 50 75 and 100%
Picture of condensed humidity from the air produced on pipes with cold water flowing inside at ROOTS test site.
Basic out line of an Irrigation by Condensation System