ROOTS– Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. develops and commercializes disruptive, modular, cutting-edge technologies to address critical problems faced by agriculture today, including plant climate management via root zone temperature optimization and the shortage of water for irrigation.

Roots has developed proprietary know-how and patents to optimize performance, lower installation costs, and reduce energy consumption to a minimum — all in order to bring maximum benefit to farmers.

Roots was established in 2012 and graduated in 2016 from the prestigious technology incubator program administered by the Israel Chief Scientist Office.

Company Deployment


Root Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO)

Significantly increases yield, improves quality, saves energy and mitigates extreme heat and cold stress.

• Root zone heating and cooling based on ground source heat exchange (GSHE), operated solely by circulation pumps.

• Root zone heating and cooling based on hybrid systems — GSHE with a circulation pump + heat pumps.

• Root zone heating and cooling based solely on heat pumps.

• Cooling and heating + growing solutions for hydroponic facilities.

• A combination of root zone heating and cooling systems with an existing irrigation system.

• A combination of root zone heating and cooling systems with ROOTS’s own irrigation and fertilization management. 

Irrigation by Condensation (IBC)
Provides water for irrigation from moisture in the air and soil and saves up to 100% in water irrigation consumption.

  • Graduate of a technology incubator under the supervision of the Israeli Chief Scientist Office.
  • Two core technologies and multiple products targeting a broad international agricultural market.
  • An innovation leader in root zone cooling.
  • No regulatory barriers, as opposed to many agricultural companies in the chemical or biological sectors.
  • International collaboration agreements with key players in Israel, Europe, andpending Asia.
  • Early access to emerging Israeli technological development partners and to an advanced testing environment.
  • Backed by a board of directors, management team and scientific advisory board whose members have strong track records in the agri-tech industry, innovation, international finances, and academia.
  • Numerous positive citations in professional and popular media.

ROOTS brings agricultural expertise and methodological rigor to the world of farming, and strives for the highest quality in its products.
Roots develops products that address critical problems in agriculture: how to influence the plant’s growing climate in an environmentally sustainable way and how to provide water for irrigation in an era of diminishing access to water sources. It also has granted and pending patents in major agricultural countries worldwide.

ROOTS’s technologies have been recognized as disruptive and important by the NASA Tech Briefs Magazine, which has chosen Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) as one of the ‘Technologies of the Month’.
The Guardian (UK) covered the ROOTS temperature optimization technology deemeding it as one of the very few existing technologies with the potential to impact hunger worldwide.

ROOTS is an Israeli registered company listed on the Australian Stock  Exchange (Symbol ROO). It operates from an office with an adjunct 1-acre testing site in Moshav Beit Halevy located in central Israel. Following admission, the board will be comprised of one (1) non-executive director, two (2) executive directors (one of whom is the Company’s chief executive officer and the chairman), and two (2) outside non-executive directors. Sharon Devir will serve as an executive director, chairman of the board and the Company’s chief executive officer. Boaz Wachtel will serve as an executive director. Adam Blumenthal will serve as a non-executive director. Graeme Smith and Tal Misch Vered will serve as outside directors.

ROOTS is currently developing three distinct technologies and product lines (including their intellectual property) in order to meet the challenges of global agriculture:

  • Root zone temperature optimization, the Company’s key technology focus, is sold in three configurations: (1) Basic – Ground Source Heat Exchange (GSHE) with a circulation pump only, (2) hybrid – GSHE with heat pump, and (3) heat pump only.
  • Irrigation by Condensation – which provides water for irrigation from moisture existing in the air and soil. Currently in Alpha testing after a successful POC stage.
  • An integrated, all in one, multi-function pipe designed to emit water and fertilizers coupled with root zone cooling/heating at the root zone area. This product is intended to decrease fertilization by incorporating root zone heating and cooling within the “all in one” pipe.