Our solutions work! We are proud to present some field observations from Israel and the US, from the field and from experiments conducted under laboratory conditions.
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For additional information or more data of a particular trial or field observation, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. Our team of agronomists and engineers will be happy to provide you with any information.

Heating Roots Summary

CropLocationFacillityYield increaseComments
BasilKarmiaGreenhouse, soil66%Ground loop only
CucumbersHasharonGreenhouse, soil40%Ground loop only
Conducted by Netafim at the Magal experimental site
StrawberryHasharonGreenhouse, hanging, insulated beds20%Ground loop only
Shortened growing cycle by 3 weeks,
improved quality, no need for additional air heating
LettuceJordan ValleyNet house, volcanic substrate beds60%Ground loop only
4 weeks to harvest weight [350 gr]
CannabisWashington, USAOpen fieldInterim results showing an increase in plant weight of up to 272%.

Cooling Roots Summary

CropLocationFacillityYield increaseComments
CannabisWestern GalileeGreenhouse, soilCooled plant height increased on Avg. by more than 25%with in-cooled control plants.
FlowersNorth SharonGreenhouse, soilExtending harvest period in 2 months under premium pricesHeat pump
LettuceBnei AtarotGreenhouse, NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)Significant reduction in the growing cycle
LettuceBeit HalevyGreenhouse, soil132%Hybrid system
ChivesBeit HalevyGreenhouse, soil256%Hybrid system
CucumbersHasharonGreenhouse, soil25%Ground loop only
hot winter 2013-14
Cherry TomatoesJordan ValleyGreenhouse, volcanic substrate beds20%Heat pump