RZTO - A Game Changer for Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial crop growers are looking to increase their revenues.

There are many hurdles on the way, such as: extreme weather conditions, high energy and irrigation costs, mediocre crop quality- crops are sold for a lower price, prolonged time to market and extensive use of expensive and environmentally damaging pesticides.

One simple solution for all of these challenges, and more!

RZTO system benefits

    • Increase yield quantity and quality throughout the year – up to 40% and more yield increase!
    • Shorter growth cycles
    • Substantial energy savings: reduction in air climate control expenditures
    • Increased profitability – higher quality crops sell for premium prices
    • Reduction in the use of Pesticides –optimal plant root zone temperature helps the plant resist infestation, improves its immune system, and reduces environmental damage

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